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Pioneer 🔬

£9.99 per month

Select plan

Limited seats for early access
• low price subscription
‍• use experimental features

Simple editor

• create 3D mock-ups
• collaborate with one editor

Share your creations
• export storyboards to Google Slides
• export storyboards to Miro boards
• signed out guests can preview

Add your content
• upload models and images
• embed Figma frames

Special support
• free Miro and Google Slides templates
• reach out for office hours

(early access, performance may vary)

Team 🏢

Coming soon

In the works

For professional teams
• coming soon
• collaborate with multiple team members
• permissions configuration
• price varies on team size
• more features

Bespoke 🎨

Get in touch

Email us

A custom instance of matchboxxr
• a custom plan
• honed for your team needs

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