Feature roadmap

Coming soon ☕

VR prototyping and collaboration features being worked on right now.

More interface and model variants

More UI panels with different modes, more accessories and objects.

Figma integration

Link Figma designs to your VR project and update them dynamically.

Miro storyboard integration

Discovery is underway into letting users collaborate on journey maps in Miro while dynamically adding scenes and storyboard details in matchboxxr. Alternate between matchboxxr's 3D editor/preview and Miro's collaborative boards.


Alert others to specific areas of a scene using temporary waypoint arrows to highlight key spaces in a prototype.

Slack notifications

Update connected Slack accounts with notifications on comments in matchboxxr's storyboards and other updates.

Password protection

Lock projects using a password that can be updated and shared with select colleagues or stakeholders.

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