The easy XR design tool

Matchboxxr is an online tool to create and share simple, interactive XR/VR prototypes.

Bring UX to XR

Iterate rapidly with matchbox-sized designs, reducing cost and risk for immersive projects.

Create in moments

It's easy to get started with pre-made models and AI generation.

Refine together

Design collaboratively and preview creations together.

Share without the fuss

Preview is available in desktop or a VR headset.

Communicate by scene

Storyboard previews enable rapid, organised feedback.

Join the Beta test to start

Get free access to matchboxxr now by clicking below and getting in touch.

Get started

Dad, designer and entrepreneur by night

I'm building a simple tool for everyone to design VR together. It started as an idea. Then people said they wanted it!

I'm absolutely determined to bring UX into the XR/VR world and help everyone explore ideas better.

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