How to

Use VR scenes and interactivity

Add interactivity to projects so that guest users can change scenes

Objects can be made interactive and linked to other scenes. Then preview users can select these objects and be taken to the new scene. This way, you can duplicate a scene, tweak its contents and give the user the impression they are in an interactive experience.

Create a new scene

Under the scenes tab, add a scene and tweak something to make it different to first scene. This is so users can see the difference when in preview.

New scene

Make objects interactive

In each scene, reference the other scene in an object. So click on an object in the scene, open its details under the 'objects' tab and select the alternative scene number in the dropdown labelled 'links to'.

interactive VR prototype

By making objects in both scenes interactive, preview users can cycle between scenes easily. Now you can test this in preview. See this in action in the video below.

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