How to

Share your VR project

Share a VR project for guests to preview and give feedback.

Being able to share your work easily and reliably is central to matchboxxr. Share a preview to your creation in a controlled way so that you can manage expectations and gather feedback when you are ready.

Select sharing status

From the editor, click the 'share' button in the top right. It has a share icon and reveals 'share' on hover.

Selecting share

Here you can add collaborative editors to your project, who will have access to preview as well as edit. But you can also make your project's preview available to logged out users. This means users who don't have a matchboxxr account can walkthrough your project in first person, access third person preview and see the preview storyboard to leave comments scene by scene.

Share modal

Once you've decided how to share your project, click 'copy preview link' to copy a URL to the preview storyboard to your clipboard. This is what it looks like.

The preview storyboard

More on this specific page in another guide. But to preview your project, users just need to click on 'view' and they are taken to that specific scene.

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