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Shadow VR previews

See from the point of view of your guest users, as they preview the VR prototypes in first person.

Observing the first person experience of guest users in real-time using matchboxxr is easier and provides better performance than trying to screen share or cast. An added benefit is that you are able to quickly switch between the preview views of different users, if you have multiple guests at once.

Start in the editor

Let's run through how to do this. In the below screenshot, a user has started previewing our scene. We are in the editor and we can see their presence represented by a head wearing a VR headset.

A user previewing a VR prototype, viewed from the matchboxxr editor

See your guest user's presence

On the lefthand side of the editor, you will see three buttons. 'Objects', 'Scenes', 'Users'. Click on 'Users'.

Click on the dropdown box (there will not be a dropdown if no-one is present). This opens a list of who is in your project's editor or preview screens. It doesn't show users who are viewing a storyboard.

A list of previewing 'guest' users.

Open a guest's POV/camera

Click on the camera icon to open the user's point of view. We are now looking at a live stream of what they see. As they look around, this view will change.

Viewing a guest's point of view

Now let's add something to the scene, so they are looking at something other than the blue floor. In this example we add a 'controlPad' model from the pre-made models. We are able to move it into view by using their preview POV as a reference.

Moving an object into a guest's view

In a real preview scenario, the user may be looking around and you might not easily be able to do this. But if you are conducting a VR Tandem together, then you may agree to moments where your colleague stays still, so you can quickly add things to their field of view.

Alternatively, use the 'camera view' bottom in the bottom right. It opens an artificial camera you can move around the scene, to quickly have a first-person reference. It can be toggled off and on, but once toggled off, its position resets.

Edit in VR

As mentioned in another post you can edit the position of objects from within VR (as an editor). If a user is working with you in this way, you will be able to shadow their POV too. This means you can work together on position elements in the scene, using two perspectives together to refine more quickly.

Monitor walkthroughs

Use this feature to easily see what your guests experience, as they use speak-aloud feedback to provide real-time qualitative insights into the design. There is a lot of useful reading on moderated usability testing to learn more about this approach.

Bring to the scene

You can move through the project as the editor, scene by scene, and bring users to each scene together. This allows you to chaperone guests through a project.

Maximise the preview

Click on the full screen icon at the top-right of the preview, to increase the viewport size. Click away from the modal to close it again.

A full screen preview of a guest user's point of view
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