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Preview while you design

Alternate between design and preview to rapidly iterate on a prototype.

Testing little an often, even when working alone, is crucial to quickly refining a design. Just like jumping to preview and back in Figma, or Webflow, the same can be done in matchboxxr.

How to preview VR designs in matchboxxr

You can do this by simply clicking on the 'preview' button in the top right of the Editor. It has a 'play' icon and reveals 'preview' on hover.

Finding the preview button in matchboxxr VR prototype editor

You are met with a modal asking what device you are using. You can do the same things using either desktop or VR preview modes. Pick your device, for this guide we are using desktop. If you are on desktop, you'll need to click on the dot in the screen centre. For a VR headset, you may need to allow permission for the website to access VR mode.

Choosing your device for preview

And that's it for entering preview. You can see the contents of the scene and look around. You can select the edit button to return to edit. It has a pencil icon and reveals 'editor' on hover.

VR preview on matchboxxr

Let's explore some of the other things you can do in preview mode.

See other users

You can see other previewing users. They will be alongside you, represented by a head in a VR headset.

Another user in preview

You can also see the cursors of editing users. They zoom around the scene as the editors move their mouse and reposition their perspective.

An editing user viewed from preview

Teleport around the scene

You can move around a scene by walking freely if you own a VR headset that allows this. But if you don't, you can move around a scene while sitting or standing still. Use teleport to do this.

  1. Hold down the left mouse button on desktop, or long select on a VR headset.
  2. A grid of tiles appears on the floor. Hover over the tile in the place you want to relocate to.
  3. Release the mouse button or select. You should instantly move to that location.

This uses blink teleportation, meaning there is no gradual transition. Please do get in touch if this causes disorientation or sickness. And be mindful of advising users to employ this technique if they are sensitive to motion sickness. Here's a video of teleportation in action.

Select interactive models

If you want to change scenes, you do this by selecting an interactive model (another way of changing scene is coming soon). You change scenes by using matchboxxr's rudimentary interactivity feature.

To trigger a scene change, simply select an interactive item. If something is interactive, the desktop reticule will expand from a dot to a circle, on hover. For a VR headset user, a line appears from the controller to the object, representing the raycaster of the controller being activated.

View a preview in third person

Select the third person preview button from the first person preview, to switch perspectives. The button has a globe icon and reveals 'switch to orbit' on hover.

Selecting third person VR preview

Then you can view a preview of a prototype from third person, useful for guests who do not have edit access. You can also change scene using the 'back' and 'next' buttons.

Third person preview

Click the 'VR preview' button to return to first person preview. It has an eye icon and reveals 'switch to VR' on hover.

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