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Create a VR storyboard

Use storyboards to summarise the different scenes in a VR prototype and discuss them with colleagues or stakeholders.

Storyboards offer a way to take a strategic view of your prototype. Scenes are laid out in a grid, featuring thumbnails of a first person view from the central point.

As editor, you can give them names and descriptions. And preview guests can make comments. This offers a way to communicate asynchronously about a prototype, scene-by-scene.

To edit and communicate using your project's storyboard, click 'Storyboards' from the editor. You can find this button in the top right of the screen, with an image icon. On hover, the word 'storyboard' is revealed.

The matchboxxr VR prototype editor.
The matchboxxr VR editor

When opened for the first time, your project's storyboard will show your scenes broken up into thumbnails with text fields. You may only have one scene at this point, the example below has two.

The matchboxxr VR prototype storyboard editor.
The matchboxxr VR storyboard page

Each scene has a customisable 'name' field and 'description' field. Write what you like in this.

Name field

You might wish to use the name field to describe the desired outcome for the user. Such as 'select level' or 'begin training exercise'.

Consider reading up on frameworks such as Jobs to be Done for a useful way to agnostically document what your users need to accomplish. This helps to keep your requirements and designs focused on the value your product offers to the user and avoid scope drift. You can also accumulate reusable knowledge over time, as many jobs will apply to more than one project.

Description field

The description field is useful for more detail and context. You may want to write user stories or use this for a discussion of open questions that need attention from other colleagues. You could also reference external documentation, such as a user story or service map. Read more about user stories and mapping here.


Click 'Copy preview link' on the right to copy a URL that links to the preview version of this storyboard page. That allows guest users to fill in the comments field. You can't edit this, and guests can't edit name or description. This is useful for a fast test and feedback cycle.

View and Edit buttons

Jump into a scene to preview or edit using these buttons

View creators

This button shows the creators of 3D models used in the scene, who have requested to be referenced where their models are used.

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