How to

Create a VR prototype

Get started with your first VR prototype made with matchboxxr

This is a quick guide to getting set up with a project.

Log into your account using your email and password, at


On the projects page, select 'new project' on the righthand side.

Projects page]

A new project will appear. You may need to refresh your browser. Click on edit and you will be taken to the editor.

New VR project

Top-left toolbar

  • Add objects by exploring what is available under the 'add objects' button. It has a plus icon and reveals 'add object' on hover'.
  • If you have access, play with AI-generated models using the add AI object button. It has an icon of a person's head and reveals 'add AI object' on hover.
  • Change the floor colour with the floor colour button. Its icon is a small square the same colour as the floor and it reveals 'floor colour' on hover.

Left sidebar

This has an object tab, for exploring individual object property. A scenes tab, for adding, deleting and switching scenes. And a users tab, for seeing who is online, observing their point of view and bringing everyone to your current scene.

Top-right toolbar

This has a button to share your project, a button to access the storyboard and a button to preview your project.

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