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Collaborate with editors and guests

Create with colleagues and stakeholders to explore new ideas while testing constantly.

Co-design is great. Ideally, you should already have conducted co-discovery and co-prioritisation in a trio of designer, product owner and tech-lead. This makes sure everyone is up to speed on a project's context user needs and risks. But if not, co-design is still useful.

Exploring early solutions

This tool is for early design, where multiple solution ideas are explored. It is divergent, which means you throw the net wide and explore everything rapidly. This is where the process of elimination comes into play. Ideas are questioned, played with, then eliminated or refined. Think the first half of the second diamond in the classic 'Double Diamond' model.

A double diamond diagram

Early design needs a group

All design benefits from a diverse skillset. But the early phases of mock-ups and even user stories are the most crucial to get right. This is where risk is managed. Risk of overspend, of functional regressions, technical bugs, user needs and a product commercial viability.

So you need a team on board to sketch out ideas. You need a judgement free setting, where no-one feels self conscious. And you need a way to start fast. Test fast. Change fast and discuss fast. Matchboxxr's editor offers this, so all you need is to assemble your Avengers!

Invite other editors

From the editor, invite collaborative editors to your project by clicking on the share button. It can be found in the top-right, with a 'share' icon. On hover, the button says 'share'.

The matchboxxr VR prototyper

In the 'share' modal, type in the email address of a user who you want to become an editor on your project. They need to be signed up to matchboxxr already.

Inviting a guest user

You can remove editor's anytime by clicking the trashcan icon by their email address.

Invited editors

How invitees can find a project

You can send your colleagues a link to the project editor, from the address bar. Or they will see this project on the projects page under the header 'Creations by others'.

A project shown under creations by others

Invitees can't delete projects they don't own. But they can join as editors.

Collaborating in the editor

Once an invited editor joins you, their cursor appears as a 3D cone. As they move or add things in the scene, you'll see this in real-time. You can also see their cursor from preview and you can see their figure if they are previewing.

A colleagues cursor in the editor
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