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Adding and editing objects

How to add/edit pre-made objects to your VR prototype. Change colour, position, rotation, pose and title.

To populate your scene you can add models. These are pre-made for convenience. They provide context to a scene and a way for preview users to trigger interactivity.

Add a new object

Add a new model by clicking on the 'add model' button in the top toolbar, next to the project title. It has a plus sign icon and reveals 'add object' on hover.

Add an object to your VR project

Let's add a person under the 'character' category. Once the object is added, you can select it for editing or inspection by clicking on the 3D object within your scene, or finding it under the 'object' tab on the lefthand sidebar and clicking on it.

Edit or inspect a 3D object

Editing the object

The green, blue and red widget that appears over the 3D object allows you to reposition or rotate the object in your scene. Just click and track on the arrows to move and the arcs to rotate at by axes.

In the sidebar, you can:

  • edit the object name by clicking on it
  • make the object interactive by linking it to another scene from the 'links to' dropdown
  • change the colour of the object under colour (this changes some of the objects colour some parts stay the same)
  • view the attribution of who made certain models (some are original)
  • duplicate the object by clicking the duplicate icon in the bottom right
  • lock the object, making it un-selectable, by clicking the padlock (click the padlock again to unlock the object)
  • change an object's mode if it is available (if you can change mode, the option will be in the object properties)

Choose an object 'mode'

Some special objects come in a variety of modes. Find the 'rightHand' object under 'interface' for an example of this.

A hand in 'fist' mode

A hand in 'point' mode

This allows you to change an object's post scene-by-scene. So you might want this hand in a first right now, but for it to start pointing in another scene, after the user selects something interactive. See the 'Mode' dropdown in the object properties for this option.

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