How to

Add and edit 3D shapes

Add and manipulate 3D shapes in your VR prototype, such as cubes, spheres and cylinders

You can use 3D shapes to make custom objects in your project. Find 'add shape' in the 'add object' button in the toolbar. The button has a plus icon and shows 'add object' on hover.

Add 3D shapes to a VR prototype

Change a shape's dimensions

Select a shape and view its properties expanded under the 'objects' tab in the left of the editor. Select 'size' to scale and skew the shape.

Skew a shape

Add an image texture to a 3D shape

Add textures to a 3D shape by clicking 'add texture' in its properties. This is great for mimicking UI panels with images exported from Figma or Adobe XD.

3D shape texture in a VR prototype

Select colour in the object properties to set the hue of the shape once it has a image texture.

Texture colour

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